Unilux announces portable inspection strobe for reflective materials

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Unilux, designer and manufacturer of stroboscopic inspection solutions, announces the new LED27 handheld inspection strobe. The LED 27 is used for fast, efficient inspection and troubleshooting in high speed applications.

The LED27 is ideal for inspection and troubleshooting in metal coil processing, where the ability to inspect on a reflective surface is critical. Smart Assist graphic controls make it even easier to adjust settings so that an inspector can spot imperfections in surface quality in an instant, across the entire width of the strip. Users can quickly move through critical settings like brightness and duration using full text prompts in various languages, reducing setup time.

“This rugged strobe delivers the reliability our customers have come to expect while leveraging the cost-savings and efficiency of LEDs – giving a mill the power to see imperfections faster with less effort,” said Mike Simonis, President of Unilux. “The LED27 is designed to perform without fail in one of the world’s harshest manufacturing environments. This is the kind of innovation that can only come from years of experience in the metals industry.”

Unilux inspection systems use the stroboscopic effect to ‘freeze’ motion, making the smallest of defects clearly visible at full production speed. Unilux empowers operators to quickly find and correct defects at the source to protect the company’s reputation for quality and reduce waste.


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