7th International Aluminium Fabrication Technology Seminar issues call for papers

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The 7th Aluminium Fabrication Technology Seminar and Exposition (known as Lw2019*) will be held in Guangzhou, China, on 18-21 September 2019. Started in 2001, the triennial events had a clear focus on aluminium processing technologies, especially on aluminium extrusion and related technologies. The six events in the past attracted a very large number of researchers, engineers, managers, marketers and consultants in China and the rest of the world to exchange innovative ideas and new knowledge to display new products and services, to understand the Chinese market and to foster collaboration. A total of 1,281 conference papers were compiled and published in conference proceedings.

*L stands for Aluminium and w for World and their combination (Lw) implies the integrating of China’s aluminium industry into the global aluminium community.

The main theme of Lw2019 is “Aluminium Innovation for a Green Future”, reflecting a profound change of emphasis from the rapid development of China’s aluminium processing industry in the past to the sustained development through technological innovation at present and in the future. The change will surely spur new market opportunities for producers and users of processed aluminium products and supplier industries alike to gain sustainable competitive advantages. The 3-day event at Lw2019 will open an excellent opportunity for people who would not like to be left out of the ongoing change of historical significance.

Lw2019 is organized by Lw Aluminium Processing Technology Centre, led by Mr. Zitao Wang. If you wish to present a paper at the seminar, please send the title and abstract of your contributing paper to wangzitao@vip.163.com by 20 February 2019. The deadline for the submission of full-length paper is 10 July 2019. If you wish to present your products and services at the exposition, please submit your booking request to wangzitao@vip.163.com.

Detained information about Lw2019 can be found at

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